Effective Lead Generation is Essential to Making your Trade Show Event Marketing Efforts Pay Off

Having a trade show presence is a costly marketing expense for many companies. Marketing budgets are always under scrutiny so it’s important to maximize the ROI on your trade show investment. Eighty-seven percent of exhibitors attend shows to generate leads. How do you ensure your sales team receives value from those leads? See how an enhanced trade show marketing program can deliver leads that have sales asking YOU for more.

Lead Generation with ShowValue

ShowValue’s lead generation systems allows trade show and event exhibitors to quickly identify visitors and qualify their value to your endeavor. Finally, collect more than a name and phone number or a stack of business cards.  With our SVCapture and No Badge, No Worries programs you are able to turn your booth effort into qualified leads that are formatted and ready to be added to your CRM.

Create Leads Salespeople Actually Want!

Give your sales department leads they can use.

Qualified, sales-ready leads are the gold that your sales people want. If you’re going to be spending money and time at a trade show, it’s in your best interest to make sure the leads you give sales are a lot more than names of tire kickers and people who merely stopped in your booth for a give-away.

“Okay, I want to deliver qualified leads to my salespeople. What ShowValue solution will work best for me?”

Well, let’s start with what lead capture environment will be at your next show.

Will there be scannable electronic attendee badges at the show? For example, will the badges have QR, 2D barcode, or RFID elements?

If your answer is “yes”, then you want SVCapture™.
SVCapture™ is ideal for any size booth with a modest up to large one-to-many booth demos and presentations. It allows you to do mobile capture of contact and lead qualifying information for EVERY attendee. but what if

Well, if there will be NO scannable attendee badges at the show, then the solution you want is No Badge, No Worries™.

ShowValue-Lead-Generation-NoBadge NoWorriesRegardless of the level of solution you choose, you get:

SVCapture™ Features

  • Capture qualifying information with an on-device survey
  • Data collected is securely saved in the cloud and is returned to you in the format that best fits your CRM system.
  • Instant Literature Fulfillment via dynamic email. .
  • Take notes via voice-to-text.
  • Capture images, i.e. diagrams, sketches and the like, that may have been done or discussed during meeting with a potential lead.
  • All information collected through the SVCapture™ and No Badge, No Worries™ interface is saved in the cloud and returned to you formatted and ready to insert into your CRM.
  • The Quiz ‘n Qualify™ activity can be used to further engage and educate attendees.
  • Data is stored in cloud database and available on demand via secure portal
  • Data is CRM formatted for quick upload to sales pipeline

Unsure what exactly is a Lead Capture System?  Then check out this FAQ for more details!

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