Effective Lead Generation is Essential to Making your Trade Show Event Marketing Efforts Pay Off


Having a trade show presence is a costly marketing expense for many companies. Marketing budgets are always under scrutiny so it’s important to maximize the ROI on your trade show investment. Eighty-seven percent of exhibitors attend shows to generate leads. How do you ensure your sales team receives value from those leads? See how an enhanced trade show marketing program can deliver leads that have sales asking YOU for more.

If your lead generation program looks like this…


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Lead Generation with ShowValue

ShowValue’s lead generation app provides trade show and event exhibitors the ability to quickly identify visitors and qualify their value to your endeavor. Finally, collect more than a name and phone number or a stack of business cards.  With our SVCapture app you are able to turn your exhibit booth effort into qualified leads that are formatted and ready to be added to your CRM.


Create Leads Salespeople Actually Want!


Give your sales department leads they can use.


Qualified, sales-ready leads are the gold that your salespeople want. If you’re going to be spending money and time at a trade show, it’s in your best interest to make sure the leads you give sales are a lot more than names of tire kickers and people who merely stopped in your booth for a give-away.

“Okay, I want to deliver qualified leads to my salespeople. What ShowValue solution will work best for me?”


We’re glad you asked and are proud to tell you about SVCapture™.

SVCapture Lead Capture App

SVCapture™ is a smart device solution for capturing attendee demographic and qualifying information specializing in any size event. If your presentation audience is 10 or over 100, SVCapture™ was specifically designed to capture qualifying information from EVERY booth visitor regardless of where they are engaged in the booth.

Smart devices give you a new option and their size and capability make them a great alternative for capturing data. But it’s still difficult to capture the information accurately when you are hurried. Not everyone is adept at “thumbing”, and getting address information is particularly challenging.

  • Scan badges using mobile device camera

  • Scan all badge types (i.e. QR, NFC, etc.)

  • Ability to edit visitor demographic info if needed

  • For one-on-one interactions, booth staffer uses on-screen survey to get qualifying info

  • For high-traffic environments, booth staffer prints a label for a lead card

  • Data is stored in a cloud database and is available on demand via secure portal

  • Reporting (with previous year when available)



Unique SVCapture Lead Capture App Features

  • Lead Scoring: know when booth visitors are “hot” leads (more info | PDF)

  • VIP Alert: know when your VIPs enter your booth (more info | PDF)

  • Dynamic Literature Fulfillment: send attendees emails with only the information requested  (more info | PDF)

  • Custom CRM Formatting: data is formatted to conform to your CRM field and data requirements for quick upload to sales pipeline  (more infoPDF)

  • Voice-to-Text Notes: quickly record and save (see video demo)

  • Image Capture: save sketches, diagrams, etc.

  • On-demand Stats: see your progress toward your lead goal

So, how does SVCapture™ work?

For one-on-one environments, Professional Staffers scan attendee badges as they enter the booth. The demographic information of the attendee is displayed on screen and editing can be done if necessary. A qualifying survey is then displayed on-screen. Once completed, the information collected is uploaded to a secure cloud-based database.



For one-to-many environments like theater presentations, the addition of a custom printed lead card is utilized. Your booth personnel or Professional Staffers use the SVCapture™ device to scan attendee badges as people enter your booth and affix a “sticky” label with their contact information onto your lead card.  The attendee answers your qualifying questions and we process the cards after the show.


(Check out this quick video showing the scan-to-print of lead sticker in action.)

The data from the scans and lead cards are formatted to your CRM file format so your sales team can upload the files quickly and easily. No more indecipherable or incomplete hand written contact information and now you can obtain data from every visitor to your booth or presentation.

Assuming you are interested in turning Sales Ready Leads over to your salesforce, we offer the only system (that we’re aware of) that can get both demographic AND qualifying information from EVERY booth visitor…even in high traffic areas!


But what if there will be no scannable badges at my next show?


No worries! We’ve got you covered.



This feature of SVCapture also works well for shows in remote areas where internet access is unavailable or unreliable.
For more details on the “No Badge, No Worries” capability, click here.


Find out how SVCapture can fit your unique needs. Give us a call today at (877) 474-6982email, or fill out the quick form below and we’ll contact you lickity-split.


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SVCapture Lead Capture Unique Features



Unsure what exactly is a Lead Capture System?  Then check out this FAQ for more details!