With increasing demands to do more, better, faster…we often implement measures to examine our performance but neglect to listen to our customers. That’s the difference between an internal reporting focus and a customer focus…between routine conference measurement and establishing a program for continuous improvement that is customer driven.

Publication4There are competing factors to consider. People attend conferences for a variety of reasons; among them are the content and quality of the keynote addresses and the sessions offered, as well as the opportunity to learn about solutions from exhibiting companies. Shrinking budgets limit the number of events they can attend. Stakeholders need to be considered when assessing effectiveness…attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and the like. And increasingly, event marketing executives must make tough decisions about funding for their shows and the competition for shrinking budgets can be fierce.

And, this is where ShowValue comes in to help facilitate gathering the feedback that will provide valuable data to stakeholders.

ShowValue gives you 3 choices for evaluating your event.

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For a quick look at the differences between the three options, take a glance at the chart below


Not sure which option is best for your event?  Give us a call at (877) 474-6982 and we’ll help you decide.